9 Best Modern Metal Siding Options for Your Home

modern metal siding options

If you consider upgrading your home and turning it into a more aesthetically pleasing and attractive facility, replacing the cladding system is one of the essential things you should do. Manufacturers offer various cladding systems, from traditional wood to contemporary metal panels or vinyl sidings. However, architects prefer metal sidings for current designs. Thus, we want to introduce you to the best modern metal siding options for your beloved home.

Modern Metal Siding Options in Terms of Material

Current construction contractors and suppliers provide modern metal siding options with different materials. Here are the best ones you should consider using in your next project.

  • ACM Panels
  • Aluminum Siding or Cladding
  • Steel Siding
  • Galvanized Steel Cladding Panels
  • Vinyl Siding
  • Copper Cladding Systems
  • CORTEN Steel Siding
  • Zinc Cladding
  • Corrugated Siding
modern metal siding

Advantages of Modern Metal Siding Options

Each of these modern metal siding options has its unique advantages and characteristics. They can all be practical for your home cladding system. However, all of these options have some primary and mutual benefits that you should know, making them perfect for any building design.

  • Metal sidings are low-maintenance construction materials.
  • All of the modern metal siding systems repel insects.
  • Modern metal sidings are durable and can withstand the harshest weather conditions.
  • Most of the metal sidings, including aluminum composite panels, are anti-corrosion.
  • Modern metal claddings are energy-efficient materials. They will decrease your energy costs during all seasons.
  • ACM panels are perfect sound-insulating solutions.
  • With modern metal siding options, you can have limitless design ideas for your home. Aluminum sidings, composite panels, steel cladding panels, and other systems come with various colors and patterns to fulfill your design requirements.
  • Metal panels are recyclable materials, and you can use cladding systems that are made with old and recycled metal sidings. Manufacturers utilize various ACP recycling methods to create new and beautiful sidings for your home.
  • Fire-rated metal cladding systems will protect your building against fire. This characteristic of modern metal siding options makes them the preferred construction material in industrial cities and countries.
modern aluminum siding

Design Ideas with Modern Metal Sidings for Your Home

Now that you know what the best metal siding options are for you, it is time to help decide which design or style you would like to use for your home. Although architects can design whatever style you desire, there are some beautiful design ideas we want to suggest to help you in your next project.

Here is the list of design ideas we recommend for your house with modern metal siding options:

  1. Stacked Style
  2. Standing Seams
  3. Mixed Material Cladding
  4. Accented Areas
  5. Industrial Design with Modern Material Siding
  6. Continual Board-and-Batten with Metal Cladding Panels
  7. Horizontal Metal Paneling
  8. Pops of Colors and Patterns

Stacked Style with Modern Metal Siding Options

Suppose your home is broken up into vertical sections by the wrap-around porch and the roofing system overhang to cover it. In that case, you should use modern metal siding systems by breaking them up into vertical sections as well.

With this design idea, you can complete the look and appearance of your home facade by getting a lot of depth that mixes perfectly with your windows.

Standing Seam Design

One of the most traditional forms of metal sidings is using corrugated metal panels to cover the facade. Modern architects utilize this designing method with flat-seam panels and standing seam metal sidings.

With a standing seam design, you will get a more weathertight exterior, and it will offer a sleek and modern look with vertical lines.

Mixed Material Cladding

Architects can design a home for you featuring different materials in various facility parts. Even traditional cladding systems can be mixed with modern metal siding options for creating a unique appearance.

In this design idea, you can use different materials and colors horizontally or vertically, which will offer an exciting appearance for your home’s exterior.

Accented Areas of Home Facade with Modern Metal Siding Options

You can use modern metal siding as accents on different sections of your home facade. With this, you will add a modern appearance and stunning visual effects to your house.

Industrial Design with Modern Metal Sidings

Industrial design is one of the trendiest home styles nowadays. You can create homes with industrial design with all of the metal siding options. However, the best material for industrial style is the aluminum composite panel.

This design idea combines well with the oversized glass windows and can add some contrast to the wood trim giving your home’s design depth and details.

Continual Board-and-Batten

Another practical design idea for your home’s facade with modern metal sidings is board-and-batten. With this method, you can create contrasting angles which will offer a unique appearance.

Horizontal Metal Paneling

If you want to provide more dramatic lines on your building facade, horizontal metal paneling is the best option for you. The horizontally installed metal cladding panels will help your home’s exterior highlight and attract more attention. Moreover, you can add ACM panels with wood patterns to add warmth to your design.

Pops of Colors and Patterns

The last design idea with modern metal siding options is to use pops of colors and patterns. Having some body-colored cladding panels can help you add some interiors to your home’s exterior.