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- Read About Alumtech Bond Aluminum Siding Products

Aluminum Siding

Aluminum Sidings are one of the most practical products used for exterior cladding applications. These products are suitable for both residential and commercial buildings. They provide an aesthetic appearance and enhance the modern vibe of a city. These sidings are created from aluminum coils and are available in a variety of finishes and colors. They are additionally beneficial for protecting the facilities exterior from weathering threads due to their chemical coating system. The usage growth of aluminum sidings has not stopped since 1970 has and are still trendy products. These materials are perfect for presenting energy-efficient products, which can help you to reduce expenditure for your renovating or new construction.

Aluminum siding production began in the 1940s. Since then, architects appreciated the benefits of these products and started utilizing them in their designs. They were superior to other types of claddings; thus, they became prevalent quickly. These products improved along with the massive technology growth in the last decades. It is a common confusion for people when it comes to choosing the best siding for their facilities. You may want to consider the most critical factors for your exterior application to select the best type. Durability, price, safety standards, sound insulation, and maintenance are the most important and common factors you should target for your next project. Aluminum sidings cover these determinants at their best quality. 

Why Use Alumtech Bonds Aluminum Siding Products?

Our Aluminum Siding Advantages

Aluminum sidings provide convenient advantages for architects and designers. These characteristics can help you to create the ideal building for your businesses or homes. Some of the benefits of these materials that will draw your attention are:


High Durability Level

Aluminum sidings are created to have high durability and retain their color and size even when exposed to the harshest weather conditions. Siding manufacturers apply chemicals to their products surface to increase your exterior cladding materials corrosion resistant characteristics.



The perfect advantage of aluminum sidings is their low price, which is almost 80% lower than other common materials. Additionally, they provide an easy installation process; thus, labour price can be reduced noticeably.

Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency

Energy loss is an issue in the modern era. However, aluminum sidings can be a perfect solution to this problem. They can significantly influence saving heat and energy in both warm and cold seasons and can create a comfortable area for you to work or live.

Installation Crew

Limitless Designs

Aluminum sidings are available in different patterns and designs, which allow architects to create unique and aesthetic procedures for various purposes, from business headquarters to modern but straightforward homes. s.



Most of the sidings are produced using recycled aluminum materials. The sidings, which are considered old and not practical, can also be recycled and reused in other projects. Thus, they are also regarded as environmental-friendly materials.



Safety standards play an essential role in modern construction provisions. Being a fireproof material ensures you have a secure and safe building in areas at a high risk of conflagration.

We Can Paint Your Siding in Your Desired Color

One of the easiest ways to allow your building cladding system to blend in with the exterior features and the design is by painting the aluminum siding. Our experts will match the colors with what would go best with your building’s components, such as doors, windows, etc. Most of our clients have been asking us if it is better to paint or replace their aluminum siding, and we answer that painting these durable panels is an excellent way of updating your exteriors which can last for a long. Our good quality finishes will last fifteen years if you maintain your sidings properly.

Our Aluminum Siding Painting Considerations

Our experienced professionals utilize various methods for painting your aluminum sidings. But, we follow three essential steps to provide the best results for you.

aluminum siding

Window Trims

We prep your aluminum window trims to have a clean surface, giving us the green light to apply paint finish to your sidings with the best results. We utilize a shellac-based primer even if there are funky things with the trims, such as wear or tear.


Since the soffits are the components that are highly exposed to moisture, we do not recommend painting them. However, if you insist on painting the soffits, we will utilize shellac-based primer for better results.

Eaves Troughs

We can paint your eaves troughs for updating the aluminum siding panels. However, we recommend replacing them with the new ones if the prices are reasonable. Typically, the aluminum siding eaves troughs painting cost is almost equal to the cost of replacing them with new materials. So, it would be best to replace them in some cases, which can be the more cost-effective solution.

Blending into the Neighborhood

Our experts consider the overall look of your neighborhood and choose the color schemes that already exist and are appealing in your building’s locations. We also consider the architectural elements that your building features.

aluminum siding colors

Colors We Use for Your Aluminum Sidings

We can paint your aluminum siding with any color you demand. However, we recommend you to go for low sheen paints for a better-quality result. Additionally, you should know that we have to apply two layers of colors to your sidings. However, if you desire a gradient color that goes from light to dark or even dark to light, we will have to apply three or more layers to your cladding panels. Here are some of the most demanding hues that we utilize to paint aluminum siding.