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Aluminum Composite Panels / ACM Panels

Aluminum Composite Panels are popular cladding materials, which are used widely for modern construction projects. ACM panels are practical for both exterior and interior applications and can enhance the durability and aesthetics of a facility. These aluminum cladding systems are produced with an elegant appearance, which makes them perfect for commercial and residential buildings and can easily attract a human’s eye. The usage of ACPs (aluminum composite panels) has been growing day-by-by due to it numerous benefits that provide for architects and homeowners. Aluminum composite material allows designers to offer solutions that can be adapted to any kind of taste and need. These industrial panels have two main characteristics, which are being lightweight and easy to work with.

Composite panels are available in different materials. However, Aluminum composite materials or ACM panels are the most common products in this field. You may wonder why aluminum panels are more likely to be found in the market. There is a simple answer for it. Aluminum is a metal, which is easy to obtain from nature, and it is known as one of the most common elements of the earth.

ACM panels and Aluminum Claddings

Aluminum Composite Materials are Ideal Aluminum Cladding Systems

Aluminum Cladding is the Skin of your building which provides protection against exterior elements. Aluminum composite material and ACM panels are the ideal choice for your cladding system due to their various advantages. Click the link below to understand the importance of modern aluminum cladding systems and their characteristics.

What are our Aluminum Composite panels benefits?

Our ACM Panels Advantage

ACM panels and aluminum composite materials bring many benefits to construction and architecture. You should have an acquaintance with the main advantages of our aluminum composite materials if you consider building a unique and energy-efficient facility for business or residential purposes. Here are some of the most important benefits of ACM panels that make everyone have the desire to utilize them as exterior cladding system for their houses or businesses.



ACM panels are extremely durable due to their structure, which is a mixture of aluminum and plastic. This means they are extremely resistant to strain and weather. Aluminum composite panels also offer great sound insulation solutions for consumers and create a relaxing area free of annoying noises. Aluminum panels have the ability to sustain their original shape and size even when exposed to harsh weather conditions. Additionally from the perspective of durability, they are resistant to corrosion and suitable for any kind of project in different climates.



Aluminum composite materials and panels are considered one of the most economical materials available in the building industry. This is due to their durability and long-lasting specifications. These panels also offer thermal comfort and energy-saving properties which can decrease the overall expenditure for the building owner. ACM panels are perfect heat insulating materials that can provide a warm interiors during cold seasons and cool interiors during warm seasons.

Installation Crew

Safety (inflammable)

Aluminum composite materials are industrial systems that do not burn. Thus products, which are made from it, are also inflammable. Aluminum cladding systems that are produced with metal composites will be melted only when the temperature exceeds 650 degrees of Centigrade. This makes ACM panels safe alternative products for building applications.



Another important advantage of ACM panels is their easy maintenance procedure. The only and practical method for cleaning aluminum composite material is simple water rinsing or cloth wiping for removing dirt and dust.

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Vast Design Field

Unlike many metal cladding systems that offer a limited choice of finishes and colors, Aluminum panels are available in limitless finishes and customers can breathe life into any design that arises in their mind.

What are ACM Panels / Aluminum Composite Panels Used For?

Since aluminum composite material and panels are versatile construction materials, you can use them for various applications and purposes. Depending on your preferences and your architect’s plan, select ACM panels that will make your home or business building as good-looking and efficient as possible.

You Can Use ACM Panels for Modern Houses

We offer aluminum composite materials and panels with various color selections, wood grain patterns, sizes, and shapes.

ACM panels are becoming the most popular and modern architectural materials in Toronto among architects. You can see our residential projects in our gallery.

Some of the best applications of aluminum composite panels for residential facilities are:

  • Main Facade
  • Porch Siding
  • Canopies
  • Soffit-Works
  • Fascia Covering
  • Modern Pergolas
  • Sunshade Elements
ACM Panels for Home Cladding
Aluminum composite material

Create Modern Commercial Buildings with Aluminum Composite Panels

Our ACM panels are popular architectural elements due to their high quality and availability in unlimited colors, textures, finishes, and sizes. With our high-quality aluminum composite materials, you can build extraordinary exteriors for commercial and business buildings.

We offer aluminum composite panels with wood grains as aesthetically pleasing as natural wood while being long-lasting and requiring lower maintenance.

You can use beautiful aluminum panels in commercial applications such as:

  • Residential Complexes
  • Office and Business Buildings
  • Storefronts
  • Commercial Facilities
  • Signage
  • Column Coverings
  • Unconventional Architectural Designs

Alumtech Bond ACM Panels and Aluminum Composite Panel Projects

How We Install Your Aluminum Composite Materials

In Alumtech Bond, we offer all types of aluminum composite panels. Additionally, after you buy ACM panels, you may need help to install aluminum composite panels, and our team will be there to help you complete your project. We offer aluminum composite material installation for all types of buildings and projects, whether there are residential, commercial, exterior cladding, or interior decoration.

Our aluminum composite material installation is done with a particular principle. The steps we follow are mentioned below.

We Start With Measurement

Our professional team will measure your building’s facade with various tools and then report it to us.

We Start Fabricating Your ACM Panels

After we fully understand your project’s requirement, we start fabricating the aluminum composite panels equivalent to your demands and preferences. The panels will have the exact shape, design, style, patterns, and finishes that your project requires.

Waterproofing Aluminum Composite Material

When the fabrication is completed, we will apply a special coating to give your ACM panels waterproof characteristics. This coating increases the life span of your aluminum claddings since it becomes anti-corrosive material.

Our Team Will Mount The Composite Panel System

Before installing aluminum composite panels for your interiors or exteriors, we will install the mounting system to ensure we do the job precisely.

Final Installation of Aluminum Claddings

In the last stage of aluminum composite panel installation, we adjust and fasten the inter-locking clips, ACM panels supporting supplies, and fasteners between the panels and the walls. We make sure your cladding system is as stable as possible.