There are many reasons why having metal cladding systems such as aluminum siding, and ACM panels is a huge plus for the cladding systems of any home. Aluminum cladding is not only waterproof and corrosion-resistant material, but homeowners can paint aluminum siding any color they want. However, ACM panels are slightly different as ACP manufacturers prepaint them. Generally, the color choices are endless with aluminum cladding systems since the finish used to paint aluminum siding will hold up over time.

People usually paint aluminum siding to allow the aluminum cladding to blend in with the house design and the exterior features. They often simply match up the hues with what would go best with more traditional building materials such as trims, doors, bricks, and windows. However, current architects recommend painting aluminum cladding to help the home’s design stand out. The hues and colors are more pronounced and powerful, and homeowners do not feel afraid to be bold, which is exciting.

Is it Reasonable to Paint Aluminum Siding?

One question comes up from time to time with most clients and homeowners. Most people wonder if it is good to paint aluminum siding, repair it, or replace it with a new one. It is definitely an excellent idea to paint aluminum claddings, which can last for a long. If appropriately maintained, a good quality aluminum cladding paint can last about seven to fifteen years. Since aluminum claddings do not absorb moisture in the same way that wood sidings do, these metal cladding systems can hold up well over time. In simple terms, the best aluminum sidings have the potential to last the whole duration of the time homeowners or occupants live in a home.

Paint Aluminum Siding and Window Trims

As long as the aluminum window trims are prepped well and have a clean surface, they can give you the green light to paint aluminum siding with the best results. If some funky things are happening with the window trims, such as tear or wear, it is essential to utilize a shellac-based primer.

Paint Eaves Troughs

Homeowners can paint eaves troughs when updating their aluminum siding. However, it is recommended to replace them if the cost is reasonable. Generally, the cost of painting the eaves troughs is often equal to the cost of replacing them. Thus, replacing them can be the more cost-effective solution.

Paint Aluminum Claddings and Soffits

If a homeowner wants to paint aluminum siding, it is better not to paint the soffits. Since the soffits are constantly exposed to moisture, it can be highly challenging to paint them. However, if a homeowner insists on painting the aluminum soffits, they should utilize a shellac-based primer.

Things to Consider for Painting Aluminum Siding

There are things to consider before painting aluminum siding, even if there is a demand for going bolder and playing up the style of the house. It is essential to consider the neighborhood’s overall look to get a sense of some of the color schemes that already exist and are appealing. Additionally, homeowners should consider the architecture and the aluminum cladding that the building features.

The size of the building will also play a crucial role since small swatches can be misleading when it comes to large exterior claddings. There will be all kinds of visual signals that the aluminum cladding system of a house will intuitively give off. Homeowners should listen to their guts, play up the features, and paint aluminum siding with their preferred color.

Top Colors for Aluminum Claddings

The type of painting material homeowners want to paint aluminum cladding will wish to utilize primers with flat or low luster. It is recommended to opt for low sheen paints for most quality paints. It is also essential to keep in mind that there will be a need for at least two coats of aluminum cladding paint. However, if the design requires a gradient color that goes from dark to light or even light to dark colors, homeowners will have to apply three to four coats for better results. Here are some of the top colors to paint aluminum siding with:

  • Kendall Charcoal
  • Medium Tucker Gray with Reddish Characteristics
  • Revere Pewter or Light Gray (goes well with sandstone or pink bricks)
  • White Heron
  • Black Satin (the trendiest color)
  • Nimbus Gray
  • Lafayette Green

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