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Various industrial fields experienced a revolution in the 21st century thanks to nanotechnology. We can see nanotech products in building materials, vehicles, and even clothes. Since this technology offers a wide array of advantages, manufacturers create durable and efficient materials for construction projects. One of the materials that benefit from this modern tech is the aluminum composite panel. This modern architectural and construction material is called nano aluminum composite panel, and this article will help you understand why these products promise a bright future for the building industry.

What is Aluminum Composite Panel?

Aluminum composite panels or ACM panels are modern construction materials that are used for various applications, including interior and exterior wall cladding systems.

ACP companies and manufacturers produce aluminum composite panels by bonding two aluminum panels to one fire-retardant or mineral fill core substance.

Common Advantages of ACM Panels

  • ACM panels are lightweight materials, and installing them is more straightforward than other metal sidings.
  • Aluminum composite panels are long-lasting cladding materials and do not require regular and complex maintenance.
  • This aluminum cladding system is anti-corrosion, and humidity cannot cause damage.
  • Architects appreciate ACM panels since they allow them to have freedom in design and style due to their various textures and patterns.
  • Manufacturers can fabricate these metal cladding systems and create any demanding shapes since the material is more flexible than other metal panels.

Although traditional ACM panels offer so many benefits, they have one drawback: they need water rinsing once in a while. This is when a nano aluminum composite panel comes to help.

Manufacturers produce nano aluminum composite panels with a unique surface that does not need any cleaning or water rinsing.

What are the Nano Aluminum Composite Panel Applications?

Since nano aluminum composite panels can clean themselves without requiring additional cleaning procedures, they can be used for various applications. However, the most commonly used field is creating external cladding systems.

A building cladding system with nano aluminum composite panels does not absorb water and dust. So it can maintain its beauty and elegance for many years.

nano aluminum composite panels

How Nanotechnology Works in Nano Aluminum Composite Panel

Generally, the surface of materials around us are divided into two categories:

  • Hydrophobic
  • Hydrophilic

In hydrophilic surfaces, molecules of the water droplets are widely dispersed on the material’s surface. In these material surfaces, water molecules form a narrow angle. On the other hand, the water molecules tend to stick to each other on a hydrophobic surface. So, water molecules create a prominent sphere with a broader angle on the hydrophobic surfaces.

Nanotechnology helps us to achieve or change any characteristic of aluminum composite surfaces. On the nano aluminum composite panel surface, the water droplets stick to each other and do not get absorbed by the material. If your nano ACM panel features textures, the distance between the water and air molecules will increase hydrophobicity.

One of the most incredible things about nano ACM panels is that when the water moves on the surface of the cladding panels, it absorbs any dust or mildew that exists on them. Additionally, the nano-coating of these metal cladding panels makes it difficult for dirt and dust to adhere to their surface.

The Structure of Nano Aluminum Composite Panels

Like standard ACM panels, nano aluminum composite panels consist of many layers, including the mineral fill core, the front, and rear cladding surfaces, and the coating layer.

Manufacturers apply the nanotech on the coating layer to provide extra protection against:

  • Urban Pollution
  • Oil
  • Wearing
  • Sun Rays
  • Weather Changings
  • Acidic Rains
  • Alkaline Substances

Unique Advantages of Nano ACM Panels

Nano aluminum composite panel offers more advantages than standard ACM panels. The benefits of nano aluminum panels are:

  • Nano aluminum composite panel saves money, time, and energy since it does not require even the most uncomplicated cleaning and maintenance procedures.
  • With nanocomposite panels, your building facade will last longer.
  • If you install nano aluminum composite panels for your cladding system, your building’s facade will remain the same as it was when you bought it.
  • You will add value to your home or commercial facility with aluminum composite panels.

Alumtech Bond offers the highest quality aluminum composite panels and aluminum sidings in Canada with various finishes and patterns. Contact us whenever you want to make your home or office look elegant and function efficiently.

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