modern aluminum cladding systems

Architects and building designers have the perfect opportunity to channel the vast array of advantages of aluminum and other metal materials for various projects and applications. Due to the development and growth of businesses and modern styles in the current era, the need for modern and sleek facilities is increasing. Additionally, landlords, homeowners, and business owners prefer aesthetically pleasing and attractive cladding systems for their building’s facade instead of classic stone, woods, and bricks. Thus, building material suppliers and manufacturers mainly offer modern aluminum cladding systems worldwide. Generally, wall metal claddings are beneficial for the current needs. However, aluminum claddings are considered the most popular systems since they fit modern architectural designs and provide unique functionalities. These building facade materials include Aluminum Composite Panels (ACM panels), Aluminum Plates, Longboard Sidings, Cassette Panels, and Modern Aluminum Sidings.

Aluminum Composite Panels (Most Popular Aluminum Cladding Systems)

Aluminum Composite Panels, called ACM panels are the most popular aluminum cladding systems widely used in industrial cities and modern building designs. The production process of these functional wall systems consists of continuous bonding of two metal sheets on both sides of an extruded, thermoplastic, and fire-retardant core material. There are various color and texture finishes available for these modern aluminum cladding systems, providing extra protection against exterior elements. The advantages of aluminum composite panels (ACM) include flexibility in structure with the combination of lightweight and robust characteristics, providing a quicker and better installation process for the builders.

Manufacturers also combine ACM panels with other practical materials such as steel, wood, and other compounds to provide better styles and aesthetics. The versatility and flexibility of these products allow manufacturers to fabricate them in any requiring shape and pattern. It is relatively easy to cut ACM and make curved panels that can fit modern architectural projects. Thus, architects can create the most challenging and almost impossible designs by using these modern aluminum cladding systems.

Aluminum Plates

Aluminum plates are other modern building materials that feature modern coating technology, tested under special conditions to ensure their resistance against fading and peeling over time. These coatings can increase the lifespan of these aluminum claddings to forty years. Additionally, they can drive moisture out of the facility by using a dry join method to have an efficient rainscreen structure. These systems are popular due to their highly resistant characteristics against wind loads, making them perfect for high-rise building projects. Like ACM panels, aluminum plates are easy to work with and provide easy installation resulting in more money savings.

Building material suppliers utilize engineered extrusions to improve the aluminum plate system’s reliability and enforce their capacity to overcome intense exterior pressures. The advantages of these metal cladding systems that made them practical and modern building materials include anti-corrosion characteristics, intensity to UV rays, and requiring no maintenance. Moreover, different color finishes are available for these metal plates suitable for roofing, building cladding systems, and interior wall systems.

Modern Aluminum Cladding Systems with Longboard Designs

Longboards are modern designs for aluminum cladding systems that architects utilize when they want to create mansions, modern homes, and commercial buildings that require eye-catching facades. These metal claddings provide aesthetics for modern residential and commercial buildings with high functionality and durability. Longboards are also available in various finishes, including solid colors, metallic coatings, and diversity of woodgrains.

Most modern aluminum cladding systems with longboard designs combine with a stable composition of wood and metal that provides excellent resistance to weather conditions and has the classic look of wood that architects appreciate. Moreover, these cladding materials provide safety since they are non-combustible metal panels which also adds value to the facility. Additionally, thanks to the durability of these systems, homeowners do not have to spend a lot of money on repairing or repainting them. By accomodating simple cleaning and maintaining process, they will last for decades. Even if a panel is damaged, removing that particular board and replacing it with a new one is very easy.

Contemporary Aluminum Sidings

Aluminum sidings are one of the first metal cladding systems that architects started using in the building industry. They can be utilized for traditional and modern building designs due to their unique flat surface, which designers appreciate. The basics of these aluminum claddings have remained the same, but modern manufacturers optimized them to provide better sound insulation and easier installation. Cutting and bending aluminum sidings is straightforward. Additionally, most of these cladding materials are made from recycled aluminum sidings, making them environmentally friendly cladding materials.

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