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Vinyl siding panel is one of the most famous building cladding materials in Canada. This construction material is visually appealing, relatively durable, and affordable. However, other practical materials are available in the market that may be more well-suited for your house or office building. Most of these cladding systems are more expensive than vinyl sidings, but they will add value to your property due to their appearance, durability, and low maintenance features. This article will introduce some of the best vinyl siding alternatives you should consider in your next project.

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Cons of Vinyl Sidings that the Best Vinyl Siding Alternatives Do Not Have

Although vinyl is a cladding material that has various advantages, it has its downsides that you should know. Here are some of the primary reasons you might want to use better vinyl siding alternatives for your building facade.

Vinyl Siding Is Not The Most Sustainable Building Cladding Material

Most homeowners prefer to buy and use stable and sustainable materials when designing or upgrading their facilities to have better homes for their families and the environment. Vinyl siding is not considered a sustainable product, even though some suppliers and manufacturers use recycled material to produce these building cladding materials. On the other hand, the best vinyl siding alternatives are primarily recyclable and considered “green”.

Vinyl Is Susceptible to Cracking and Warping

Depending on your living location’s weather, your siding can be susceptible to cracking or warping. If your home or office building is in an area that experiences climate changes during a year, you can expect to inspect damages, warps, and cracks on your siding. The best vinyl alternative sidings are durable and do not get damaged easily.

Depending On the Installation Method, Vinyl Siding Can Have Moisture Problems

Although vinyl is a waterproof material, if its panels are installed without sealers like foam backing, it can trap humidity and moisture behind the cladding panels, which can cause mold, mildew, and rot.

vinyl siding

Best Vinyl Siding Alternatives and Their Characteristics

After choosing the style of your siding for your home, which can be vertical, shake, Dutch lap, board, or batten, it is time to select the material. Although various beneficial options are available for your building cladding system, here are the best vinyl siding alternatives and their characteristics.

Metal Sidings are the Best Vinyl Siding Alternatives

Metal sidings are the number one vinyl siding alternatives among architects and builders. These building cladding systems offer various beneficial characteristics for homeowners. However, there are some famous materials that you can choose for your metal sidings which are:

All of the above metal sidings have unique properties and characteristics. ACM panel or aluminum composite panel is a durable, lightweight, and beautiful metal cladding material which is produced with two layers of aluminum and one fire-retardant core substance. Builders can easily install aluminum cladding panels due to their lightweight characteristics. Additionally, since aluminum is a flexible metal, ACP manufacturers can fabricate them and apply any metal fabrication methods to allow architects to create the most complex shapes and designs.

Aluminum sidings are also efficient metal cladding material. However, aluminum sidings are considered one of the most traditional vinyl siding alternatives. The good news is that current metal cladding manufacturers utilize the best technologies to produce modern aluminum sidings with improved characteristics. Today’s aluminum sidings can last long and have sound insulating features, unlike the traditional ones. But, with ACM panels in the market, aluminum siding cannot compete with an aluminum composite panel.

Steel cladding is another vinyl siding alternative that is in the metal cladding classification. Although steel panels are durable and robust, installing them can be challenging due to the weight. However, architects can design beautiful and eye-catching building designs with steel panels. The only considerable drawback of these metal cladding systems is their cost which is more than aluminum sidings and aluminum composite materials. Galvanized steel is very similar to the classic steel cladding but with more durability and stability.

Another vinyl siding alternative is the weathering steel known as CORTEN steel. This metal material does not feature protective layers since they naturally form an oxidized layer on their surface that will protect the facade from extra rusting and corroding. Using CORTEN Steel allows architects to design extraordinary building facades with reddish-brown characteristics. Although weathering steel can be suitable for modern building designs, ACM panels are the dominant choice.

Copper sidings are also good vinyl siding alternatives due to their price and durable characteristics. This metal cladding’s best characteristic is its lower price than other sidings, including steel and aluminum. Copper sidings’ greenish and attractive appearance makes them the best metal material for landscapes and architectural projects.

ACM panels are the best vinyl siding alternatives
ACM panels are the best vinyl siding alternatives

Fiber Cement

Fiber cement panels are gaining popularity as one of the best vinyl siding alternatives in the construction industry. Although they are more expensive than metal claddings, they are still one of the most affordable sidings. Fiber cement offers tons of advantages and benefits for builders and homeowners, including:

  • Fiber Cement is a sturdy material
  • It can last long
  • It is a fire-resistant material
  • Features appealing characteristics
  • It can resist termites
  • Fiber Cement can withstand the most potent wind loads
  • It can accommodate any style of house or office building

After metal cladding systems such as ACM panels, fiber cement is the most popular vinyl siding alternative in the construction industry.

fiber cement is another vinyl siding alternative
Building Facade Design with Fiber Cement Cladding Panels


The STUCCO cladding system is the best alternative vinyl siding for buildings located in warm, dry climates. This siding features a distinct look and can add a unique character to any home that uses it. Manufacturers produce stucco with a mix of sand, water, cement, and lime with various color finishes that you can choose. Although stucco siding can last long, it requires the precise installation to avoid cracking and other damages. Additionally, unlike aluminum composite panels and aluminum sidings, this cladding system involves a lot of maintenance, including regular cleaning. If you want to ensure that your siding looks good, it is essential to follow the supplier’s cleaning instructions for the best results.

Note: Although Stucco cladding is one of the best vinyl siding alternatives, it is not recommended for buildings that are located in Canada due to the weather conditions during all seasons.

Stucco Siding
Beautiful Stucco Siding


If you want to add traditional and classic beauty to your home’s exterior, stone or faux stone siding is what you are looking for. However, the stone you will have to spend a lot on this cladding system. But you should know that this siding system is the most-weather resistant material, and installing it can be very challenging. The good news is that if you really want to have a stone textured building facade, the more affordable option is faux stone. You can also go for engineered stone if you want your cladding to be more sustainable.

Typically, stone works best when it is the original cladding choice for a house. However, we do not recommend replacing your aluminum composite panel or cement siding with stone.

Vinyl siding alternatives with Stone
Classic Stone Siding


When it comes to durability, brick cladding is the best vinyl siding alternative. These building facade materials have a distinct appearance since architects have used to for many English or Colonial homes in the past. They are very resistant to natural elements, and due to their labor-intensive installation process, they are one the most expensive siding types for homes. You should know that homeowners are turning to other types of building sidings that come with more reasonable prices. Most current architects also utilize materials such as aluminum composite panels to create more beautiful buildings.

Traditional Design with Brick Siding
Traditional Design with Brick Siding

Wood Siding

The best vinyl siding alternatives for people who want their homes to look and feel more natural are wood sidings or metal claddings with wood finishes. For example, ACP manufacturers produce ACM panels with wood pattern finishes and textures that have the durability of the aluminum composite panels while offering a traditional look for people who do not like the appearance of metal sidings.

ACM panels with wood pattern finishes
ACM panels with wood pattern finishes

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