aluminum cladding for the kitchen

Can you affix your kitchen walls with aluminum panels? This is a common question in the home interior decoration or updating process. Architects currently utilize aluminum cladding for the kitchen designs that can be perfect for industrial interior style. One of the materials they use is an aluminum composite panel known as an ACM panel.

One of the most popular aluminum cladding systems, the ACM panel, can be used as a decoration material in your kitchen design. However, since this area has its unique functionality in your house, it is essential to be cautious when choosing materials and aluminum cladding for the Kitchen.

The best way to know if it is a good choice for you to use aluminum cladding for the Kitchen is to analyze the advantages and disadvantages of these metal materials.

Note: The primary usage of aluminum cladding materials is in the building facade and architectural projects. They are mainly used for protecting the building against various external factors such as rainwater, snow, and intense wind loads. Know aluminum cladding details to understand why these materials are one of the most used systems in the construction industry.

What are Aluminum Cladding Panels or ACM Panels?

The full name of the ACM panels that are the best aluminum systems for the Kitchen is an aluminum-plastic composite board referring to a three-layer composite panel with a mineral fill core layer and two aluminum sheets on both sides.

The surface of these aluminum cladding panels is covered with a decorative and protective finish. According to their application, aluminum panels are divided into four categories which are:

  1. ACM panels for building curtain walls
  2. Aluminum composite panels for exterior wall decoration or building facade
  3. Aluminum cladding panels for advertisement applications
  4. ACM panels for interiors
exterior aluminum cladding
Aluminum Cladding for Home Exterior

Moreover, according to their function, these metal claddings are divided into three primary categories:

  1. Fire-Rated ACM Panels (fireproof boards)
  2. Antibacterial Mildew Panels
  3. Anti-Static Aluminum Composite Panels

According to ACM cladding’s decoration and coating, these panels are divided into five beautiful classes which are:

  1. Coated Decorative ACM Panels
  2. Oxidized Pigmented Aluminum Cladding for the Kitchen
  3. Foil Decorative Aluminum Panels with Color Printings
  4. Brushed ACM Boards
  5. Mirror Aluminum Cladding Panels

These aluminum panels are perfect materials if you use and install them in the right place and correctly.

Pros and Cons of Aluminum Cladding for the Kitchen

Aluminum composite panels have various advantages that make them one of the best materials among aluminum panels for your kitchens. However, they also have some drawbacks that you need to know to make the best decision for your Kitchen.

Pros of Aluminum Cladding for the Kitchen

The primary benefits of aluminum cladding panels are:

  • Aluminum Claddings are Lightweight Materials
  • Have Proper Properties for Kitchen
  • ACM Panels are Perfect Sound and Shock Insulators
  • Aluminum Cladding for the Kitchen is Affordable
  • Aluminum Panels are Durable and Last Long
  • ACM boards Offer a Good Decorative Effect on Your Interiors
  • Installing Aluminum Cladding in the Kitchen is Easier than Other Materials
  • Aluminum Composite Material is Waterproof
  • High-Quality Aluminum Cladding Panels are Anti-Corrosion
  • ACP does not Require Regular and Complex Maintenance Process
  • You Can Easily Replace Old Panels with New Ones
  • Aluminum Claddings are Flexible Construction Materials
  • You Can Design Even the Most Complex Styles with Aluminum Cladding Panels for the Kitchen
  • ACP is Fireproof Material Making It a Safe System for Your Kitchens

Cons of Aluminum Panels for the Kitchen

Here are the primary disadvantages of aluminum cladding for the Kitchen that you should be aware of:

  • It is generally better to use ACM panels for exterior wall cladding.
  • The core material of aluminum claddings and their fasteners are poor electrical conductors.
  • The core material of old aluminum composite panels generates toxic gases when exposed to heat. (this problem is solved with modern ACM panels)
  • Some ACM panels exposed to heat can have surface problems caused by the expansion of the core material.

Aluminum Composite Panel Kitchen Applications

Now that you know aluminum cladding can be a practical choice for decorating your Kitchen, you should know where you can use them. Most interior designers use aluminum panels in three elements of the modern Kitchen:

  • Walls
  • Ceiling
  • Kitchen Cabinets

Since aluminum composite panels have metallic surfaces and project an industrial feel, designers utilize them to create the industrial vibe for interior wall coverings.

Since ACM panels are lightweight and durable, using them for kitchen cabinets is a wise choice.

The best way to turn your Kitchen into a modern industrial styled area is to install aluminum cladding panels on the ceilings.

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