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Read fresh articles about aluminum composite panels (ACP/ACM) and cladding

aluminum cladding systems

What are Aluminum Cladding Systems? (Advantages, Types, Installation, Maintenance, and Cost)

Aluminum cladding systems are durable building materials applied to a facade to protect the facility from exterior elements. In the construction industry, the term “cladding” means a building covering system
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paint aluminum siding

Paint Aluminum Siding: Top Colors

There are many reasons why having metal cladding systems such as aluminum siding, and ACM panels is a huge plus for the cladding systems of any home. Aluminum cladding is
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aluminum composite panel for interior design

Using Aluminum Composite Panel for Interior Design

Aluminum Composite Panel or ACM panel is a contemporary and modern construction material that is widely used in Canada for building cladding systems, outdoor advertisement, and interior designing. ACP materials
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Aluminum Cladding System with Aluminum Siding

How to Recycle Aluminum Siding?

Aluminum siding usage is experiencing decrement as an exterior metal cladding system because other building facade materials such as ACM panels and ACP materials have become more popular choices among
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Aluminum siding vs steel cladding systems for modern buildings

Aluminum Siding VS Steel Cladding

Finding and buying the most suitable wall cladding systems for a facility demands homeowners to choose between the importance of environmental impact, durability, performance, and aesthetics. The siding clients choose
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Aluminum Cladding System with ACM panels

What Should be the Qualities of External Cladding Materials?

External Cladding Materials are essential elements of a building that ensure the exterior is protected from damaging sources. Building cladding systems extend the lifespan and longevity of the facility. They
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