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Read fresh articles about aluminum composite panels (ACP/ACM) and cladding

Rainscreen Construction Principle

Rainscreen Construction Principle (Part II)

Rainscreen Construction Principle basic idea is to have an exterior surface or cladding layer that can break the force of sideways, wind load, water movement, resulting in preventing water penetration
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Rainscreen Principle

Rainscreen Construction Principle (Part I)

Rainscreen principle is an industrial product that is used widely in residential and commercial facilities for various purposes. This product utilizes the open rainscreen principle and is a subset of
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The Best Properties of ACM Panels

The Best Properties of ACM Panels

The Best Properties of ACM panels are what the building industry requires to improve cities and facility’s attractiveness and durability while satisfying construction regulations and standards. Aluminum composite materials or
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Paint Aluminum Sidings

How Can You Paint Aluminum Sidings?

Aluminum Sidings are popular cladding material covering a wide range of applications from industrial to commercial construction projects. Due to aluminum siding’s various advantages, including extreme weather durability, minimum maintenance
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Recycle ACP materials

How to Recycle ACP Materials?

ACP materials popularity is continuously growing within the construction industry due to its various advantages, including low price, energy efficiency, recyclability, and construction functionality. These materials have a unique design
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aluminum sidings

How to Install Aluminum Sidings

The key to having a successful aluminum siding application is precise management and planning. Proper siding installation is ideal for ensuring the cladding product lives up to its reputation for
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