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Who we are?

About Alumtech Bond

Alumtech Bond is Greater Toronto Area’s premier and most reliable Aluminum Composite Panel supplier & installer for over two decades. Our advantage is in our comprehensive and quality service from our fully-customized and appealing designs to competitive pricing, A grade & sustainable material, to long-lasting installation.



Directly Sourced From Top ACM Manufacturers

Industry-Standard, Certified Panels

We use industry-standard, certified Aluminum Composite Panels, field-tested fixtures, and apply efficient installation techniques to guarantee added value and longevity to your building. All the processes in Alumtech Bond are expertly established and implemented based on state-of-the-art technology and adapted to the Canadian environment and customers’ expectations. Our Aluminum Composite Panels are directly sourced from top ACM Panels manufacturers including Alucobond, Reynobond, Maxbond, Alpolic, Vitrabond, Alucoil, and others.

High Quality ACM Panels for Various Users

High Quality Panels for Various Users

Architects, contractors, and property owners in need of architectural wall panels and sidings desire a simplified, streamlined process in acquiring materials and products needed to complete their job. Alumtech Bond recognizes this and strives to deliver with excellent service and attention to detail. Alumtech Bond Aluminum Composite Panels are designed and engineered to suit the specific job you need in Toronto, Markham, Richmond Hill, and all around GTA, Ontario, Canada.

Envision the Impossible

Envision the Impossible

We design with customers in mind while adhering to industry standards. Our expert and experienced design allow for endless possibilities as expressed in our motto “Envision the Impossible”. Alumtech Bond Systems is the perfect solution when your project requires the best provider there is for Aluminum Composite Panel, ACM, and Aluminum panels in GTA.

Alumtech provides ACM Panels for a variety of exterior and interior structures
Various ACM Panels For Innovative Design

Whether we design for your facade, interior upgrade, or signage, we get inspired by nature herself. The highest compliment we have received is to create harmony between the structure with its surroundings. Alumtech Bond’s designs are key to our outstanding success story and are ever-evolving thanks to our in-house specialized knowledge and industry experience from numerous projects implemented throughout the Greater Toronto Area using Aluminum Composite Panels, ACM, or Aluminum panels. (Our innovative and breathtaking designs for your Aluminum Composite Panel surfacing are aimed at boosting a variety of exterior and interior structures.

Our Aluminum Composite Panels provide the following main features:

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Alumtech Bond Projects

See selected commercial and residential top facade projects in the Greater Toronto Area

Lascelles Blvd
Lot: 100
Area: 1000 Sq. Ft.
59 Lascelles Blvd Toronto, ON M5P 2C9
Goreway Dr
Lot: 111
Area: 45000 Sq. Ft.
9320 Goreway Drive, Brampton, ON
150 Queensway
Lot: 330
Area: 4000 Sq. Ft.
150 The Queensway, Etobicoke, ON

Find out the reasons to select us!

Why Users Select Us?

Alumtech Bond is about you and our customers. We are where we are now by satisfying our customers through hundreds of unique projects we have delivered. We have implemented Aluminum Composite Panel resurfacing throughout the GTA area including Toronto, Scarborough, Etobicoke, Mississauga, Brampton, Richmond Hill, Vaughan, Markham, Aurora, Newmarket and we will look forward to knowing what you expect from us to materialize your goal.

– Our customers have approached us for one of the following reasons:

Alumtech Bond
Alumtech Bond

To use one of the most functional and sophisticated building exterior materials

Alumtech Bond

To add value to their house, building, or any other type of exterior/interior structure

To make the structure stand out & To renovate and upgrade the building exterior at the same time

To advertise products using trendy and outstanding signage

Which aluminum composite panel brands we provide?

Aluminium Composite Panel manufacturers

Aluminium composite panel (ACP) is a flat panel crafted out of two aluminium alloy sheets bonded with a non-aluminium core so as to form a composite. ACP is frequently used for cladding or as facade material of buildings, insulation, and signage. ACP is lightweight, rigid and durable and offers reasonable fire resistance. It also has weatherproofing capabilities and its colour does not fade on being exposed to sunlight. The installation costs of ACP are usually on the lower side. Here is a list of selected Aluminium Composite Panel manufacturers in the world. Please note the list is dynamic and in accordance with a recent market research report:

Yaret Industrial Group has headquarters and production plant in Shanghai, China. The company supplies high quality aluminum composite panels to building, construction and advertising panel traders. The company is the largest manufacturer of aluminum composite panels in the domestic market. At present, Yaret supplies products to four continents and main importing countries include France, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Germany, Cyprus, Russia, Ukraine, South America, Australia, Middle East, East Asia, South East Asia and Africa.

3A Composites GmbH manufactures aluminum composite panels, structural composite material, plastic sheets and lightweight foam board in Germany. The company’s products are widely used for architecture, visual communication and transport & industry markets. ALUCOBOND, DIBOND, ALUCORE, KAPA and FOREX are some of the famous brands of 3A Composites. ALUCOBOND’s ACP consists of two sheets of smooth .02″ aluminum thermos bonded to a polyethylene core in a continuous process.

Jyi Shyang Industrial is a Taiwan based company founded in 1966. The company is a manufacturer and supplier of aluminum composite panel, aluminum composite material, metal composite material, sandwiched panel, cladding material, wall cladding and architectural material. ALUCOMAT is a registered brand of Jyi Shyang Industrial Co. who is also a provider of total architectural cladding solution. ALUCOMAT is the Asia’s first Aluminum Composite panels manufacturer. ALUCOMAT has achieved the 3rd position in the global ACP market, the company claims. The brand is capable of providing products of multi-metallic composite solutions for modern exterior cladding, interior decoration, advertising signage, and transportation projects worldwide.

Alstrong is the leading producer of aluminum composite panels in India and was established in 2001. Alstrong uses Korean and Japanese technology to create panel products. The company’s state-of-the-art FR grade aluminum composite panels have fire resistance capabilities.

Arconic offers breakthrough products to aerospace, automotive, building and construction and commercial transportation sectors. Arconic has a business unit- Arconic Architectural Products (AAP) that manufactures and sells composite material products to the aerospace, automotive and other industrial markets. AAP has two manufacturing facilities located in Eastman, Georgia, USA, and Merxheim, France. The company’s “Reynobond” brand manufactures aluminum composite materials that offer range of products for architectural and construction uses. Apart from the above mentioned aluminum composite panel manufacturers, there are several key players including Mitsubishi Plastic, CCJX, Goodsense, Seven, HuaYuan, HuaYuan, LiTai, Pivot, Vbang, Walltes, Daou, Genify, Shuangou and HongTai.

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